Guided excursion Guatavita sacred Lake- San Isidro villa & “Represa de Tominé”




We begin our tour of the tourist circuit of La Sabana where you can appreciate different spectacular views of Bogota surroundings.

We will go to the lagoon of Guatavita which is 1 hour and a half away, where you can learn about the history of it. Here we will take a guided tour where you will learn about our history.

Then we will go to Villa San Isidro where we can taste a typical Colombian lunch, we will teach them how to play criollo bolus and we will walk the farm to see food and animals and we will take you for a half hour walk to a lookout point of the Tominé dam where The old town of Guatavita was sunk.

Then, we went to the new town of Guatavita which is 15 minutes away where you can have some time for yourself, walk through the town and its main square, enjoy its architecture and beautiful views. Finally, if you feel energetic, we can take a sailboat ride through the Tominé dam, it would be an opportunity for some incredible photos, this decision is optional.

Stop and look carefully at nature and you will understand everything better


  • Visit Guatavita Sacred Lake
  • A walk through a forest, semi dessert, view of mountains, and a lake
  • How the colonial town of Guatavita and learn about their history.
  • Learn to play a traditional Colombian game!

And be delighted by

  • Exquisite taste of exotic fruis
  • An artesanal coffee with new ingredients
  • A delicious Colombian Lunch

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