The Colombian Cooking Experience class in Bogotá.




Enjoy an exotic culinary adventure with this 4-hour hands-on cooking. The Colombian Cooking Class experience in Bogotá. led by our local instructor. In this workshop, you will learn the basic techniques, and local ingredients to create typical Colombian dishes. Including arepas (typical corn cakes). Patacones (flattened and fried plantains). Aji verde (green hot sauce), and hogao (a traditional Colombian sauce).  After finishing the first part of the cuisine workshop, review the recipe and learn the “master expert tips to make the Ajiaco Santafereño”, which you will have for dinner

What You Can Expect

Experience Colombian cuisine at this cooking class in Bogotá. Taste the unique flavors of the Colombian foods and learn about the interesting mixture of traditional Spanish and local Indigenous influences on the country’s cuisine. Colombian favorites include arepas and patacones with various types of sauces and toppings.  We will begin the Colombian cooking class in Bogota with a brief kitchen safety overview.

Your expert chef will start by teaching you about the Spanish and Caribbean cultural influences on Colombian flavors. Learn about the staple ingredients and foods used by natives and you will have a chance to sample and learn about the exotic tropical fruits that you probably had never heard of. For the evening meal, the chef will have ready the Ajiaco Santaferño as the main dish. Also, you will learn how to make two side dishes, two traditional Colombian sauces, and in addition one dessert. Even more, prepare the side dishes, the chef will be there to offer helpful guidance. Once you’re done, it’s time to enjoy your home-cooked dinner! After you savor your traditional Colombian meal and dessert, you will be ready to leave armed with recipes and cooking tips to help you recreate your favorite Colombian dishes back home.

Certainly, Our Cooking Workshop is a  true adventure of local gastronomy, unique of the Andean region which is enriched by the diversity of climates and cultures that we have in Colombia. It is recommended not to eat too much before visit us.

Learn to cook

And be delighted by

  • Exquisite taste of exotic fruis
  • An artesanal coffee with new ingredients
  • A delicious dessert named Oblea

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